3 Indicators That Your Semi-Trailer Needs Urgent Repairs

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Owning a semi-trailer offers numerous advantages. Whether you are using it for hauling equipment or shipping containers, a semi-trailer is essential for most industrial operations. While it's excellent to facilitate most of your haulage requirements, a semi-trailer requires regular repairs and maintenance for optimal performance. Without these services, you may be looking into significant problems that may slow down your work.

Trailers with urgent repair issues are not only life-threatening to you but also dangerous to other road users. Therefore, it's imperative to understand the signs that show your equipment requires proper repairs. This post discusses critical indicators that you should look out for and semi-trailer repairs you may encounter along the way. By identifying the following signs, you may need to find a reputable repair shop that uses the right semi-trailer parts to repair your equipment:

Difficulty in Stopping Your Semi-Trailer

Nothing is as dangerous as a trailer that can't stop while driving on the road. This problem usually arises from faulty braking or axle systems. It's relatively easy for semi-trailer operators to assess this problem. One way to do this is by lifting the trailer using a jack and spinning the wheels. Pull the breakaway to determine whether the tires continue spinning or lock up immediately.

If you notice that your braking system has little effect on stopping the vehicle, know that you need brake repairs. When struggling to contain your semi-trailer, it may also be an issue to do with bent or damaged axles.

Faulty Lighting Systems

Semi-trailers, just like any other vehicle, have electrical wiring and lighting systems that may experience faults. Flickering lights on your trailer mean a looming safety concern. This problem can arise from blown-out fuses, loose connections, or electrical wiring faults.

A faulty lighting system can cause problems, primarily when operating the trailer at night. Therefore, attend to this issue as soon as you notice these signs.

Tire Failure

When your semi-trailer starts swinging sideways, you should know that you are having tire problems. Before towing, it's imperative to check each tire's pressure and conduct an inspection for potential wear issues.

When inspecting, you may notice cracks in one or more tires. When driving for long distances, consider having the semi-trailer's tires inspected and the faulty ones replaced before they end up blowing out and leaving you stranded by the roadside.

Final Thoughts

These are the three common signs you may experience that warrant semi-trailer repairs. Your safety and that of other road users are paramount, and you must ensure your semi-trailer is in good working condition. Consider researching more on other potential signs that will reveal whether your trailer requires repairs.

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