4 Common Semi-Truck Repairs That You Are Going To Need To Have Done

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As you drive long distances every year to make deliveries in your truck, the wear of parts can eventually catch up with your truck. There are some common semi-truck repairs that you can be sure you are going to need to have done to keep your truck on the road. Some of these problems can be serious issues when you need to deliver cargo, which is why you want to get repairs done before they cause trouble. The following common semi-truck problems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired to keep your truck on the road:

1. Engine Wear and the Repairs and Improvements That Can Help Prevent Catastrophic Failures

The engine is the most important area of your truck, and problems here can lead to costly damage and long stays in shops. Therefore, you want to make sure to have common maintenance like oil changes done regularly. When your truck gets older, it is also important to have a complete engine tune-up done and inspect the engine for problems like blown seals that need to repair before you have failures due to costly engine damage.

2. Tire and Brake Problems That Can Be Avoided With Routine Inspections and Maintenance

The tires and brakes of your truck are other important areas where you will want to pay attention to the maintenance that needs to be done. In addition to routine brake maintenance, you will also want to inspect brake and suspension parts for signs of wear and corrosion that means you need to replace them before you have serious problems when you are delivering cargo.

3. Electrical Problems That Are More Than a Blown Fuse or Headlight and Require Professional Help for Repairs

There are also electrical problems that old trucks can have due to common wear and the harsh driving conditions that trucks go through throughout the year. These problems can be due to shorts, damaged wiring, and problems with computer control modules. If you are having problems with the electrical systems of your truck, you will want to have them looked at and repaired by a professional truck repair service.

4. Transmissions and Axles That Wear Out and Need to Be Rebuilt or Repaired to Keep Your Truck on the Road

The transmission of your truck is another area where there is a lot of stress and wear. Failures with transmissions and the axle of your truck and make it more difficult to haul loads. Therefore, you want to look for problems like blown seals and take your truck to a repair shop when you have trouble getting the transmission into the right gears.

These are some of the common semi-truck repairs that you will need to do for your truck as wear takes its toll on parts the more miles you drive. If you need help with repairs to keep your truck on the road, contact a truck repair service like King George Truck & Tire Center and tell them about the problems you are having with your truck.

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